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    Lili on Sep 28, 2023
    I placed my order on the original website but unfortunately my package got lost in overseas shipping. The support was overall lovely and they refunded me without hesitation and pointed me to an european store that carried their products so i could purchase what i wanted in the first place. despite the unfortunate circumstances i had a lovely experience purchasing from them. the product itself is of good quality and works much better than a traditional rasp.
    Cleo on Aug 11, 2023
    My uk native ponies feet are like concrete, I have four natives and a tb, all have been barefoot all their lives, this rasp is a game changer their feet are like concrete I have the medium rasp and it's like cheese on a grater. So happy.
    Uk buyer - Cleo on Jul 29, 2023
    I've not used it yet, but I cannot wait, I would just like to say at this point postage and communication has been prompt and so so fast I'm delighted!!!( I ordered on 21/7/23 late at night, it has arrived 29/7/23) I wish I wasn't out today as I can't wait to try it on my hard footed ponies!!!
    Tanya on Jul 27, 2023
    I bought aggressive rasp, it is excellent rasp for dried hoofs, it made my life much more easier. Highly recommend to add this kind of rasp to your tool box. Regarding the seller - the best of the best) Fast order confirmation, fast delivery, fast reaction to my mails, we were in touch during the process and the seller kindly answered all my questions. Thank you)
    Virginia Barck with Promiseland Appaloosas and Aussies Stables on May 06, 2023
    "AGRESSIVE" rasp a Game changer! Must have rasp! Light sharp and easy to correctly rasps long hoofs like butter and dresses any hoof into perfection!Gentle on dressing up shaped hoofs and aggressive on hard, tough, dirty gritty long hoofs. Trimming costs $60 dollars a horse in these parts Cullman, Alabama, so the cost is WELL worth it and cost-effective even for the most frugal. I am a lady and this is the easiest rasp to trim my Appaloosa breeding stallion my "mare-ish" mare and my daughters and granddaughters' geldings along with a few friend's horses. So I must have a file that gets the job done easily correctly safely and fast! This is the only rasp for me. Cody James Aggressive Rasp is a must-have for me. I don't even have any other rasps. Every horse owner needs a Cody James Aggressive Rasp to manage all your own hoof trimming or in case a farrier can't show up or a shoe comes off or a hoof gets a crack. The best rasp I have ever used! Must-Have! Highly Recommended!
    "Bought this rasp 5 years ago first rasp blade worn out after 5 years. Needs a new handle to. Who can ask for better makes the job twice as fast and is a lot easier on the person shoeing the horse. I would recommend highly.
    Jeannette on Aug 20, 2022
    I’m a professional barefoot farrier with over 20 years of experience. I was a huge fan of the Exim Maxcut rasps, as they were sharp and far more efficient than traditional rasps. I was so upset when they went out of business in 2020, and I had to go on the hunt for a new rasp to try. Honestly, I grilled the owner of the CodyJames rasps for 45 minutes. I was very skeptical of the funky design, but I finally decided to give it a try. It only took about 3 hooves to get used to it, and 3 trims to feel totally comfortable. And I kid you not, after horse number 3, I was literally talking to my new rasp going “where have you been all my life?!” This rasp is SHARP and EFFICIENT. As they claim, it does NOT clog. And I’ll admit I am frugal, but I did almost 100 trims on this rasp before finally changing it!!! I use the soft side of my old rasps for finish work, and while slightly annoying to switch rasps, it is FAR worth it to enjoy this rasp. I had shoulder surgery, and it made my draft horse almost a breeze to do. Also, if you are a barefoot farrier who trims regularly, you will know the dilemma of a hoof that has just a little too much growth to rasp easily, yet not enough to warrant using the nippers…enter the Cody James rasp and viola- rasp it without a second thought. I’m telling you, these rasps are amazingly to use. They are outside the traditional norm, but you won’t regret giving them a try. You, too, will find yourself wondering “where have you been all my life?!!!”
    Becky-Jo Drummond on Aug 08, 2022
    I received my rasp a couple of weeks ago.Yesterday I called my horses in for a barefoot trim.What an amaizing tool.I usualy try to be as efficient as possible with my nippers becouse rasping can be hard for me...First hoof trim and I placed the hoof on the ground and could barely beleive that it was my trim work.It was a big purchase price for me.......and worth every cent.I have never been so impressed with the end result of my trim work...It takes some practice, to change the mind set , becouse it is hard to use if you apply pressure. I have the medium grade. I am so happy that I trusted your advertisement and took a leap of faith. Your advertisement does not do this rasp justice, it is much better.Thankyou so much for an amazing tool.Becky-Jo Drummond.Australia.
    Quita Clinton on Jun 20, 2022
    So glad I finally ordered one. Best rasp I’ve ever used, fastest and it easily trimmed through super hard summer feet in no time. I did scrape myself a bit here and there because it’s sharp, but it was so worth being able to shape up my gelding while I try to find a farrier. Very happy with it!
    Jodi Hartman on Jun 20, 2022
    Best rasp I've ever owned.. I have severe nerve damage In my right arm, and it was becoming progressively more difficult to trim my own horses, with me finally having to take 2 days to trim 1 horse (2 feet 1 day, 2 feet the next). With this rasp I can do all 4 feet in one day.. I can still do no more than 1 horse per day, but honestly, that is a huge improvement!
    Melissa Tankersly on Jun 20, 2022
    Hands down the best rasp ever made. I’ll never go back to using a standard rasp again!Full time Farrier.
    Robin on Jan 12, 2022

    I never realized how much effort a regular rasp took until I bought a Cody James. The adjustment is that you barely have to use pressure. Literally the tool does the job! And customer service.....AMAZING! Now I am actually looking forward to trying this on my horse that has rock hard hooves when before I dreaded his turn. I bought the medium, and will buy the fine as well. THANK YOU FOR A WELL MADE TOOL! What a game changer. Customer for life. Why didn't I know about this YEARS ago, especially when I was a lot younger! Tucker James on May 09, 2021
    I have 2 donks and got this rasp after recommendations from Megan Hensley after taking her hoof trimming course. I use the fine blade to keep their hooves looking good until the farrier can come out. I'm in an area where farriers that will do donkeys are far and few. Many thanks to Cody James Tools. I'm 68 years old and this tool is a life saver. I really couldn't do it without starting with the rasp. Super light weight an strong. Get this rasp, you won't regret it. Thanks again.

    Melissa on Apr 27, 2021
    I tore some tendons in my right shoulder and was having a lot of trouble trimming using a traditional rasp. My shoulder hurt after only doing a couple horses. After reading some reviews I thought I would give this a try. I was skeptical because the rasp felt big and it was much different than what I was used to for the last 16 years, but by the third horse I noticed that my shoulder wasn’t bothering me. I was able to do 10 horses, back to back, with no shoulder pain. I’m sold. I will never go back to a standard rasp again! It’s literally effortless! I’m getting the mini one next.
    Summer Thomas on Mar 07, 2021
    I bought this as a Christmas gift for my farrier. He was a little apprehensive about this rasp.After he used it a couple times he Absolutely loves it.He has had alot of clients comment on how fast and a good job it does.
    Brad Lumbrezer on Oct 15, 2020
    Used mine for the first time tonight. I’m gonna say I was pretty skeptical.... been using the “old fashioned “ rasp for 20+ years of shoeing. All I can say is WOW. IM IMPRESSED. removes more hoof with half the effort. Didn’t clog and handled better than I thought it was going to. But does take some getting used to. (after 9 trims elbows and shoulders aren't tired). Love that it takes more finesse and less force. Can’t wait to see how long it lasts. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
    Christine Sizemore on Aug 05, 2020
    Just wanted to say how much I LOVE your rasp! As a small scale trimmer, this tool has been a god send. I have had the same rasp insert since March and can probably still get a few more trims out of it. It saves me time and wear on my body. Thank you!!!
    Gina Born on Jul 23, 2020
    Ordered aggressive and a medium refill. We have a full sized donkey that does not stand for farrier and no one will do his feet. They were bad, and takes hours for me to do. Either hog tied or trussed up. Got this rasp, got him down and less than 20 min on each hoof. Down to 1/4th the length and after 10 yrs he is finally standing upright properly. Running around 2 days later looking so happy. Thank you so much! Moe (donkey)and I are deeply in your debt.
    Dwight Lindquist Bristlecone Horseshoeing on Jul 17, 2020
    This rasp is the real deal after shoeing for 30 yrs we now have a quality rasp / thanks dwight.This is my second purchase this one is a gift 😃
    Daniel Austin on Jul 08, 2020
    This is the best rasp you will ever buy and cut your time and effort in half.Best ever I will never go back to the old style
    Amy Morris Pickens on Jun 02, 2020
    Hi John! This is my second Cody James rasp- I love it and know how aggressive it is. I trim my own horses and donkeys and rely on the rasp to do the work for me (I'm a pretty strong person for a middle aged woman, but it isn't like I have big biceps or massive shoulders.) Using this rasp I don't have to use muscle power! And with my senior horse who has real trouble balancing with one hoof up? I can get it take a few swipes, and get out quickly. It is a real lifesaver for those of us who want or need to maintain hooves, but may have to go easy on our own backs, hands, knees....Thanks! Amy
    Stephanie Kniestedt on May 30, 2020
    I’ve been using your rasps for almost 2 years now!! Best investment in my business. I have small hands for a farrier and this helps so much and lasts forever it seems and when I trim about 8 horses per day 3-4 days a week sometimes more depending schedule. Medium blade has taken care of everything.
    J. Thomas on May 26, 2020
    I just want to say I love my rasp! I do all 9 of my horses and some of my friends’ and family’s horses. I have had it for quite a while and that sucker still works. I am so happy with my purchase! And when mine finally wears out, I will be buying another.
    Annette Devlin Carter on May 13, 2020
    I got to use my new rasp today. I LOVE IT! I live in the desert so my horses have really dry hard hooves. The fine takes off more hoof horn per swipe than the course edge of my other favorite rasp per swipe. Once I get through this fine refill I will probably stick with medium because hoof conditions here are so extreme.
    Stan Smith Horseshoeing on Apr 14, 2020I
    got one a week ago used it alot really like it
    Robin Davis on Apr 13, 2020
    Cannot say enough good about this rasp!!! Just love love love it!!
    J. Smith on Apr 12, 2020
    Great product! Bought mine at Horse World Expo in PA. I had my shopping list, “good rasp”. So, thinking I was going home without one, I came across their booth and bought the fine and medium one. Love them both. Finally a product that will last!!Loaned it to my sister and she bought two for her minis!
    Pam Griswold on Apr 11, 2020
    Best rasp ever! Light weight and so easy to trim with.
    Brittany on Mar 22, 2020
    So light and easy to use <3I have used both the fine and the medium and they are both amazing.I prefer the fine as I keep my trim schedule to no longer than four weeks, the hoof hasn’t generally grown enough to need the medium. But when I do have a longer hoof to trim the medium gets it done with so much ease.They were also lovely to communicate with. I will definitely be recommending.
    Mike Mallay D.V.M. on Mar 07, 2020
    I have been trimming feet for over 40 years now and this is by far the best rasp I have ever owned. It is rare that a product lives up to what it advertised to do but this rasp is the exception.
    J. Sturges on Feb 26, 2020
    This rasp is an energy saver, a back saver, a time saver.......WOW!  THANK YOU!
    Donna Chase on Feb 02, 2020
    From struggling to nip my Welsh Cobs hard feet, I now zip through the job with just the rasp. I am not kidding.And I am a 67 year old woman!! All you horse ladies! Get one!.
    Val TwoWolves on Dec 08, 2019
    My husband's favorite rasp EVER (the Dymondback medium). These days he's only trimming/rasping our two geldings, but he LOVES his Dymondback!
    J. Sisson on Dec 08, 2019
    Just got my medium Dymondback hoof rasp, used it right away, and I love it. Just like everyone is saying, it substantially reduces your effort. The rasp does the work, you just float it across the area you want to reduce. I was hesitant buying a medium wondering if it would "catch" and not work smoothly but this is definitely not the case. I highly recommend it.
    L. McShan Lee on Dec 04, 2019I
    bought the aggressive rasp. My drafts feet are so hard, my ge nippers don’t want to cut them!!! This rasp doesn’t mind hard, it takes the hoof like nothing!!! And no pressure is needed!!! I love it!!

    Carrie Eastman on Nov 02, 2019

    Money and time saver, should have bought one months ago.

    Finally ordered the Dymondback Medium. Now that I've trimmed a few horses, I can say I am sold. Cut my trim time at least in half, if not more. So far no signs of dulling. Cuts right through dirt, fine gravel etc, though I still suggest you clean the hoof first. This is going to save me a lot of money buying rasps and save my body trimming 8 horses and a donkey.

    C. Arthaud on Oct 22, 2019

    This rasp is amazing!!

    Night and day difference from a regular one.

    I can’t believe how easy it slides over the hoof. Great product

    Barnett Bonn on Oct 22, 2019

    I absolutely love this rasp. Best invention ever.

    Heather Chavez on Oct 20, 2019

    I have horses that have rock hard hooves. I was able to finish in half my usual time. Much less chance of getting cut, or holes in my gloves. Plus, John is always very kind and overly helpful. Love this rasp and amazing customer service. Plus made in America!

    Jodi Hartman on Sep 24, 2019

    Just trimmed my first set of hooves with mine.. OMG! Love!!!! I have serious, permanent nerve damage in my right arm, and serious bursitis and tendonitis in my left shoulder, but really wanted to be able to continue trimming my own horses.. now I know I can! I was even able to do all 4 feet at one go, instead of 2 one day, and 2 the next like I had to do with a traditional rasp.. all with less effort, and less pain than ever before! Highly recommend!!!!!

    Tara Albert on Aug 29, 2019

    I started using this and thought wow, it's great. A couple of months later I was thinking it wasn't much better than a regular rasp so I went and tried my old one. HAHAHA... oh, boy was I wrong! I had just gotten used to the easier rasping, it's MUCH better than a regular rasp. Great product, just bought another "strength" to round out my rasps. Thank you Cody James!!

    Sandy Bevens on Aug 13, 2019

    I purchased one about a month ago. I absolutely LOVE mine! Makes work so much easier, and faster 😊

    Val TwoWolves on Aug 12, 2019

    My dear husband said "yes, order one" after we read about your rasp on Pete Ramey's FB page several months ago. These days, he's only doing hooves on our two, but he LOVES how easy this makes it. He started trimming/shoeing on a ranch in Wyoming in his teens. Says this is best since sliced bread, a lifesaver!

    Lauren on Jul 04, 2019
    I've been using the dymondback rasp for nearly a year now on my 5 horses (warmbloods and thoroughbreds). I have yet to replace it, it is still working great! It cuts my time and the effort I have to put in in half. I reccomend it to everyone I know that trims. I'm going to add an aggressive one to my tool kit, as I have one warm blood with rock hard hooves. The medium works fine on her, but it takes more effort than for my other horses. The medium will still be my main rasp on every other horse.
    Carolyn Cunningham on Apr 02, 2019
    I just used my new Dymondback rasp for the first time yesterday. Where have you been all my life? I am in love! I have some serious wrist problems and this rasp made easy work for me. Besides not having to use any pressure the light weight of the rasp was more than a welcome bonus. Thanks for the great product!
    Denise DeVere Bauer on Mar 22, 2019
    Just got mine and used for the first time yesterday. WOW! It was like grating parmesan cheese. I have 4 barefoot horses that pretty much live outdoors so I just have to periodically take off a little toe in front and round them off. I procrastinate because it's a pain, literally, in the back. This made quick and easy work of it. I used the fine side of my old standard-issue rasp to finish the edges. Awesome product! Where have you been all my life??
    Jeanne Stucker on Mar 19, 2019
    I just got a rasp with the medium file. Oh my word! It sure made the job faster and easier. Money well spent for this old lady! Thank you
    Vicki Cochran Lamberth on Mar 19, 2019
    I ordered the medium rasp for my husband and received it in a weeks time. He used it yesterday for the first time and trimmed 4 horses. He says he gives it an A+!!! All their hooves are hard as rock and it cut right through them like butter! I'm impressed and glad I took a chance on this fantastic product. I highly recommend it if this is what you do for a living!
    Patty Rtan on Mar 18, 2019
    Bought one recently. Tried it. Absolutely loved it!!! You won’t be disappointed.
    Kimberly Lang on Mar 15, 2019
    Bought it tried it and you now have a loyal customer. While I’m semi retired so my needs are not as great as when I was full time. I will spread the word this make my job 10x easier. Great idea glad you made it
    Marjie Hicks on Mar 08, 2019
    I received one for Christmas. I absolutely love it. I should have asked for the smaller version it would probably fit a woman’s had better.
    Sue Laura Keaney on Feb 26, 2019
    Best thing I ever got.
    Told my husband about it and he got it for me.for Christmas, I have 2 horses and a mini, I use the same size on both, got the medium grade. I absolutely love it .tell everyone about it. Will never use another, I do my own horses feet Sona great back saver , and horses like it because I get the job done much faster.

    Lyn Bunyan on Feb 09, 2019:
    Treated my horses and my older arthritic hands, back and knees to the Dymondback medium to say both my husband and I were blown away by the ease at which I was able to trim both my horses one being 16.2hh Irish cob with feet like concrete. So thrilled at the ease of use and the results at my first trim. Gloves worn as advised WIN WIN. Thanks for a fantastic rasp that does exactly as advertised I won't ever want for anything other than CJ tools. Cheers Lyn UK
    Cindy Kovalchuk on Feb 06, 2019:
    Using mine and love it, highly recommend wearing gloves when using this or any other trimming tools. I got the aggressive sharpest one and easily rasp with one hand while holding foot with other, very little pressure needed
    Sandy Bolinger on Feb 05, 2019:
    Love this rasp!!!
    Liz Stevenson on Jan 19, 2019:
    Love this! Makes quick work of more frequent filing and shaping, maintains our barefoot horses well, and we have everything from quarter horses to draft!
    Amy Ryals on Jan 16, 2019:
    I started trimming my own horses about 5 years ago. I usually stagger them out so I don't have to do them all in one day. It isn't easy on my back or arthritis. I got this rasp for Christmas and I actually did all of them in less time than it took me to do one before! I am hooked and won't ever use any other. Thank you for making me look forward to doing feet!
    Robin Davis on Jan 13, 2019:
    I am so happy with this rasp I can hardly stand it. I live in Colorado and trim my own horses since I keep them barefoot. The dry conditions here always made it a challenge to do their feet. This rasp has cut the amount of time it takes to get that job done by more than half. My horses are much happier to have their feet done and I am thrilled to do them now. What was huge chore has turned into a small one. Thanks for making these rasps. I keep telling my husband that I have a new best friend in your rasp! :)
    Sandy Beam on Jan 05, 2019:
    Paid for itself the first time I used it. Love it! Thanks for a product that actually does what's advertised
    Pamela Tauson on Jan 03, 2019:
    Bought our farrier one for Christmas. He loves it!!
    Customer service was real good. I had a problem. Called them and they returned my call in minutes.
    Marcus Andrew Evans on Dec 22, 2018:
    I had 22 brood mares today in a muddy muddy mess. I never missed a beat, thank you for a great product
    Yvonne Lucius on Dec 18, 2018:
    ... used it on some very large drafts today. Hard feet covered in mud to boot. These fellas are very pully with their feet so I have to hold with one arm and rasp with the other. Again, this rasp made hard work easy peasy. I ordered the medium, but now I will look into getting the fine as well. I'm not sure about the aggressive one since the medium does such a bang up job, but I just may give it a whirl too.
    Gena Blankenship on Dec 11, 2018:
    I love my Cody James Rasp! No more having to use power tools (which are fine, but I like the rasp better!) My horses have desert hooves that are hard, hard hard! This rasp works!
    Sue Mcnab on Dec 07, 2018:
    I let my farrier use it for the first time and he loved it. My ISH has very hard feet and he said he used very little pressure. It's a beast!
    Michelle Erickson on Dec 04, 2018:
    I used mine today on my Friesdale mare and this works much better than the regular rasp I normally use. My horses being drafts have very heavy hard feet and it really did file them down quickly, I didn't even use my nippers.
    Dawn Berk on Dec 04, 2018:
    Received my file today. I am in need of practice with this size file. But what a amazing tool. 16 hooves later. And works like new. I even caught a little stone or two. Made my work a breeze , compared to anything I ever tried. I was able to do a much better job, because the file did the work for me! Thank you. Will be re ordering for sure!
    Millie Wininheimer on Nov 28, 2018:
    I used mine for the first time!!! Amazing!!!
    Becky Bobb on Nov 28, 2018:
    These are the best rasps! No pressure needed.
    Yvonne Lucius on Nov 23, 2018:
    Took a chance and ordered one. Impressed to say the least. Yes, it looks like a cheese grater but it performs just as advertised. Makes one handed trimming a breeze. Almost no effort required.
    Lisa Quinlan on Nov 20, 2018:
    Yes , I love this tool I trim three horses and two mini's and this tool has made my job so much easier, they have super healthy hard hoofs, and I have no trouble balancing the hoof after trimming.
    Love your product.
    Maria Wood on Nov 12, 2018:
    All I can say is - OH YEAH!!!!
    I received my rasp today and I suddenly feel like I am rasping potatoes rather than hard hooves. Thank you. My back, my arms, my lungs thank you.
    . I think everyone should have one of these rasps. There is no comparison with the normal rasps.
    :) Maria. Ireland
    Stacey Gray Ward on Oct 11, 2018:
    I got my rasp this morning, and it's worth every penny! I am not able to use nippers one handed any longer, I ordered the course, had both my mini donkeys hooves in great shape in less than 30 minutes! Thanks for such a great product!
    Kristy Hollist Peterson on Oct 10, 2018:
    I had mine for about a year. Best rasp I had ever used. Well worth the money. Just order my second one. That's how long they last. Just the best. Thanks.
    Helen Cox on Oct 03, 2018:
    Bought a medium and a fine. Outstanding product!
    Dale N Jenni Thornton on Oct 02, 2018:
    I purchased one of these and I'm loving it. Thanks for such a great product
    Betty Kloeckler on Sep 29, 2018:
    Bought one a few weeks ago for my son. He was skeptical at first, but now it is all he uses!
    Karen DeVault on Sep 20, 2018:
    My friend bought the medium rasp and it is AWESOME!!!! Great tool!!! We trim our horses using your rasp and what a difference it has made for us!! SO much easier and effective than any other rasp we’ve used!! Bravo for creating a genius tool!!!I I bought one for my husband and he was like this is the most amazing rasp truly time saving.
    Kim Lemaster on Sep 20, 2018:
    Amazing rasp saves a ton of time my husband is amazed by his he has a meduim.
    Penney Gould Judge on Sep 20, 2018:
    I just wanted to let you know how much I love my rasp. I got some chaps because I don’t want to lose a kneecap, but we had a rough dry summer in Texas and I couldn’t even get my nippers to cut some of the feet I was dealing with. But this rasp got the job done and then some. I’m hoping to get the mini soon also! Thank you.
    Annarae Dahlgren on Sep 20, 2018:
    Yes, it’s worth the price. My horses hooves are so dried out I couldn’t get anywhere with my normal rasp. I bought the medium and was skeptical. It went through it with ease and with one hand. If I applied pressure like I would with my old rasp, it would snag or hook up. Gotta use it right and it’s like the difference between cutting hard butter and soft butter. Anything that makes my job easier I’m all for it!
    Frances Hughes on Sept 20, 2018:
    Hi, just to let you know that I received my order very promptly and have started using the medium rasp for practice. The problem is that I don’t think I will ever pick up a normal rasp again and I still have a whole box!  Love it, and will be buying more soon. Thanks for the great product.
    Rhonda Thompson on Aug 31, 2018:
    These rasps are awesome. Everything they say is true and then some. You won’t be disappointed!
    Denise Polydor on Aug 30, 2018:
    Ordered a medium for use in our 50 Sanctuary draft horses. Saving up to buy a fine and finishing for our smaller rescue horses....
    Love it already worth its weight in gold!

    Catherine Tharp on Aug 30, 2018:
    I purchased all three for my husband. He has just used the medium and really likes it. He says it takes less effort and time to get one shod. Thank you for a good product!
    Rick Kranz:
    It's about time I found a rasp that lasts. I have 200+ horses in my care on a very steady schedule. The best rasp I could find before lasted 25-30 horses. I live in WY in wild horse country and the horses have very hard dry hoofs. I am a natural hoof care provider and the desert mustang is the hoof model I achieve for the horses in my care. That means a lot of detailed hoof care. Although perfection is the goal, there is no such thing but rasp work is a big part of hoof balance and hoof balance is paramount especially if you are using hoof care protection. Boots or nailed on shoes. The Cody James Rasp not only lasts 4-5 times longer but cuts my rasp work down 4-5 times faster.
    Rick Kranz,
    ESD, Hoof research and product testing.

    Jen Thackery on Aug 15, 2018:
    Yes. Love it!!!!!! I only have 3 horses but I trim every 3 weeks now during the summer. I have a bad lower back and didn’t expect to be able to keep this up. I don’t use a nippers ever so I depend heavily on my rasps. This was a God send. This rasp was one of the few tools that honestly made a positive difference for me.
    Laurie Ormsby on Aug 10, 2018:
    I'm a sixty year old woman with bad hands. I bought the medium and love it! So worth every penny. I just do my own three horses and this is a life saver!
    Christopher Barrows on Aug 03, 2018:
    This one really saved my butt while I’m down an arm with dislocated shoulder made trimming a hell of a lot easier
    Lana Comeriato on Aug 01, 2018:
    I just received mine. I really like it also. It’s like a knife through warm butter. Great product.
    Jennifer Nawara on Jul 26, 2018:
    Several months ago I bought the medium and aggressive in the large rasps and I love them. I almost exclusively use the medium but the aggressive is great for when it is needed. I plan on ordering the fine in the mini rasp size to see if I like the smaller version better and I am waiting for the company to come out with the ultra fine finishing rasp to complete my collection :) My horses have hard as rock desert feet and these are by far best and easiest rasps I have ever used. I am very small and not very strong and these rasps require no strength so I do not get fatigued rasping and I am able to finish my trims a lot faster too.
    Susanna Schaenzer on Jul 24, 2018:
    This is an awesome rasp
    Anna Fabisiak on Jul 22, 2018:
    Just got mine in the mail yesterday and I was very intimidated just looking at it but I love it. It glides right over the hoof. I was concerned about taking some of my hand off if it were to slip but there's much less force required to use it and it goes where you want it and doesn't get hung up. I ordered the medium and now that I've used it and really like it I plan to order the finer one too.
    Richard Kranz on Jul 21, 2018:
    Well John if you want me to buy any more of your rasps you guys are going to have to buy me a membership to the local gym. I’m only rasping a fraction of the effort.
    Thanks, your rasp is great
    Professional natural hoof care provider for 30+ years in Wyoming. Equine Science Academy Education.

    David Qualls on Jul 20, 2018:
    This GIFT to Farrier’s has paid off in both long life and speed. As a traveling Farrier time is my largest expense, this Rasp has allow me to work on more Horses per day thus cutting down Hotel stays. Not to mention 1 Dymonback last longer than a BOX of Vallobe Spirits
    Paula Hatcher on Jul 18, 2018:
    I have this rasp and I love it.

    Amanda Chandler on Jul 17, 2018:
    Loving this rasp... was hesitant to make the switch. Seemed gimmicky to change the rasp after all this time but I can’t imagine going back now. I’m consistently getting 50 horses done with the medium blades, even in the constant mud we’ve had this summer. My usual rasps were only getting about 15 horses and always clogging up. These are also lighter and require less effort. Extra bonus: these don’t tear up my gloves as quickly as a traditional rasp so I’m buying less of those too!
    Katherine Beth Ludewig on Jul 17, 2018:
    I have the medium, I need to add the fine one now:) The ability to really let it do the work for you is nice. My horses thank you guys!
    Trevor Hall on Jul 16, 2018:
    Today I figured out how many horses I shod using my Diamondback Rasp - 202 head shod. I used the Coarse Blade, and I only switched to a new one because feet are getting very hard in my area. I will switch back to the used blade when feet soften up again this winter - it should have another 200 head left in it. Great Product!
    Jaime Poncho on Jul 03, 2018:
    I kept a serious count. At 176 horses I decided to purchase a new blade, i use the most aggressive. ordered it Friday and as of today (Monday) it was delivered to my address. I have had absolutely zero problems with this rasp. And the quick reorder really helps
    Stephanie Jeremiah on Jun 28, 2018:
    I just tried mine out last weekend and all I can say is, where has this thing been all my life! So happy with it.
    Gena Loper on Jun 26, 2018:
    Ordered and received, loving the useability of this product! I like to keep my young ones rasped off level as they grow from weanling to two yr olds and this rasp does the trick! Very quick work and lightweight!
    Jennifer on Jun 26, 2018:
    I have 2, the Diamond med, and the Little Foot med. LOVE them, soo easy to use !! Great company to deal with !!
    Hoot Brazeal on Jun 23, 2018:
    Just used my new rasp , by far the best rasp out there I love it! It’s awesome from finishing nipping about 10 seconds with that rasp and the foot is ready for the shoe!!
    Dan Davis on Jun 16, 2018:
    I love this it works wonders.
    Ken Norman on Jun 16, 2018:
    Best damn rasp !
    I’m on my second agressive since January, funny thing is the one I replaced is still good to use, just not as sharp as a new one

    Daniel Austin on Jun 15, 2018:
    You will love this rasp I don't like to try new things but so glad I did
    Stanley Saunders on Jun 12, 2018:
    This is a amazing product some of my best friends bought me one all I can say is they must like me as a friend cause it works great
    Brenda Grimmett on Jun 09, 2018:
    love these rasps
    Randy Koehn on Jun 08, 2018:
    Best rasp ever👍
    Just stating a fact.

    Doray Wigins on May 21, 2018:
    Best thing going for dry, AZ "rock feet"😎
    Cathleen A. Springer on May 20, 2018:
    I have the larger size for my drafts and I just love it.
    Jamie Poncho on May 14, 2018:
    I finally got to buy one. And after using it for the first time, i will without a doubt never use anything else. Once you have down the float of the motion you'll cut your time getting the hoof flat. Cant wait to get the mini!
    Fred Starr on May 11, 2018:
    I've got several hundred head on mine love it.
    Kari Czarnota on May 11, 2018:
    Just got mine in the mail today and had to try it out. Works great... used to having to push hard to get the job done-not with this👍
    Erick Nez on May 11, 2018:
    It's like cutting butter with a hot knife. Best Rasp Ever!!!!
    Erick Nez on May 10, 2018:
    The Cody James is wider and sharper than the Beast. I've done over 70 horses with mine and it's still better than a brand new Belotta. And Belotta was my favorite rasp, until I purchased my Cody James Rasp.
    Rene Arrow on May 10, 2018:
    This is the best rasp ever!! Highly recommended. Cut my trimming time in half and best of all no fatigued hands wrist etc. The rasp floats and feels like troweling over concrete. I am telling you worth its weight in gold!!! Make the change!!
    Ben Young on May 06, 2018:
    Bought mine last week, used it today on my yearlings. Worked fantastic.
    Benjamin Leadmon on Apr 28, 2018:
    Best rasp I have ever used!
    Jerry Schwein Andersen on Apr 27, 2018:
    I got one of these in the medium grade. I was able to trim the hooves of my Arabian that has hooves of steel with no problems and got it done in a much shorter time. So glad I got one!
    John Cochran on Mar 28, 2018:
    Started using your rasp back in December I am very impressed with the the life of it . I trim roughly 350 horses every 6 weeks. The first one lasted me five and a half weeks. The second one lasted longer because of the wet weather and the hoofs being so soft. I love that it does not clog up. Great product I will continue to use them.
    Johnny Boegner on Mar 21, 2018:
    I’ve done over 100 head with my first one I order it was the medium so I just ordered 2 of the most aggressive ones. These rasp are great
    Hinckley Hill N Frenchies on Mar 06, 2018:
    Great rasp game changer so much less work finally a tool that works as described.
    JoAnn Stewart on Mar 01, 2018:
    I am delighted with my new Cody James Dymondback rasp! It works as described. I can't tell you how excited I am about the ease of use. I had to remind myself to allow it to float across the hoof instead of bearing down on it. It reduced the fatigue in my arthritic hands. I was able to do all four hooves in less time. They came out looking great! I will be working on my friends horse at my barn this weekend. I am looking forward to that.
    Angelica Harwell on Feb 26, 2018:
    Just started using my medium rasp today..very excited, easy to use & very helpful on the bigger Draft feet!! So glad I bought one!
    Ken Norman on Feb 21, 2018:
    It’s funny, yesterday after January and February’s use. Couldn’t believe how sharp this still is ! Especially since I removed the tip of my finger !!
    Billy Spence on Feb 18, 2018:
    Best rasp ever made!
    Leon Bentham on Feb 17, 2018:
    Hi, I got one of your rasps when I came over to the NCC contest last year, loved it for shoeing in the wet English weather. I’ve just made a little skinner knife with it and the pattern is simple but I like it, just thought I’d share this with you.
    I’m going to call it the Diamond Back Snake Skinner.
    Have a good day.
    Fred Starr on Feb 15, 2018:
    I have three all awesome!
    Ken Norman on Feb 10, 2018:
    Spent the day trimming in the snow. Mud and snow ! Goes Like the energizer bunny !
    Paula Abbott on Feb 10, 2018:
    My husband has used his on all of our race ponies and the pony horse and has not one bad word to say about it! And he's been doing it a long time! Glad we got it. (Anything that makes it easier or quicker).
    Ronnie Hall on Feb 09, 2018:
    122 behind mine still sharp and going strong
    Travis Teague on Feb 08, 2018:
    Best rasp I've ever used I've got over 150 horses out of one and it was still taking hoof off. More than half where in Arizona hard dry Hoofs. Others in Oklahoma mud never fazed it. Only bad thing is you need a different rasp to dress the top side of the hoofs
    Marty Bowers on Feb 06, 2018:
    Used mine for the first time and loved it!! Highly recommend!
    Rose Ellsworth on Feb 06, 2018:
    Used mine tonight couldn't be happier...only wish my feet didn't get cold so fast would have gotten at least one more done.
    Ken Norman on Feb 05, 2018:
    A great invention.
    Sarah J. Slaughter on Feb 02, 2018:
    Hubby got one for Christmas, it's his Favorite rasp now! I don't think he will ever use a regular rasp again...
    Jerry Brandon Savage on Jan 31, 2018:
    Good product , Best Rasp I've ever used!
    R H FARRIER SERVICE Ronnie hall on Jan 27, 2018:
    Hands down the best investment in my outfit if you haven't made the step to the diamond back your missing out
    Kathy Swanson on Jan 26, 2018:
    I love my new rasp!! Thanks so much, Kathy.
    Chance Barnes on Jan 22, 2018:
    Bought a medium last summer, kept count and used it on 60 head and it's still sharp. It's the only rasp I'll use now!
    Jody Hutchison on Jan 21, 2018:
    OMG ! I can't even begin to tell you how much I love this file!!!! I have been trimmed my minature horses for years and hate filing! They have never ever worked good for me. But your file is amazing so so easy to use. I most definitely will be buying more of them.
    Thank you for the most wonderful file I have ever used!
    Lynett on Jan 15, 2018:
    Received my new rasp Friday, tried it Saturday, an love it! It's the best rasp I've ever used! I've been trimming my own horses for 40 years, and I wish I'd had it sooner. I'm getting older and weaker as I age, and this makes the job so much easier, (I'm almost 60). Thank you!
    Becky Kershaw Gill on Dec 13, 2017:
    I love mine. Wish I’d gotten it a long time ago. Word of caution: wear cut resistant gloves. I wear cut 5s. Last night, I rasped over my thumb joint. You know the one. The teeth caught a strand of Kevlar and snagged it! Glad it wasn’t my thumb. Love this rasp. And my gloves.
    Kevin Kortz on Nov 27, 2017:
    I have used this rasp. Yes it is a killer product. It does not clog it does stay sharp for a long time it is light.
    You still have to carry another rasp to finish with. For me that is irritating. But other then that one fact it does work exactly as advertised
    Marlys Nehring Derscheid on Nov 29, 2017:
    It truly does make the job go quicker. I am not strong enough to use nippers on my horses thick hooves, but this rasp just bites right through and is awesome. I bet it cuts my trimming time in half. I still finsh with a regular rasp. I love it!
    Jamie Colder on Nov 20, 2017:
    I have been using mine for a month now. Would not want to work without it. Makes my work easier. Stays so sharp. Great product!!
    Brad Chase on Nov 18, 2017:
    I have over 250 horses done with one rasp an it's still sharp!!! Never will I go back to a standard rasp
    Mark Tritch on Nov 15, 2017:
    Used my new Cody rasp today for the first time. This rasp is a glider. So much easier to use takes little to no effort to use. P.S used my old rasp to compare also. OMG the Cody rasp is far superior.
    Trevor Hall on Nov 15, 2017:
    I used one since early this summer, and it has held up daily on the same blade - through a summers worth of hard, dry feet. I've lost count of how many horses I've shod with it, and it's still going great.
    Anthony Michelson on Nov 04, 2017:
    13 horses first weekend mine came, I loved it! The handle of it feels a lot better than a normal rasp can take off and even cut way faster! Might think you’re gonna take off too much right away but after a couple horses you get the feel for it, hasn’t seemed to dull at all yet so far after about 20 head done with it! For sure gonna keep buying more!
    Julie Miller on Oct 29, 2017:
    It's an awesome tool!
    Georgie Hartman on Sep 25, 2017:
    Love this rasp. My horse's hooves are like concrete and it works awesome. I have the medium rasp.
    Joe Greer on Sep 17, 2017:
    Love this thing!
    Glenn Thompson on Sep 09, 2017:
    I did over 100 head on my first one then got another. From very soft feet to some so hard I bent the handles on my GE nippers,the rasp worked great. And mud and manure will not stop it.
    Erick Nez on Aug 30, 2017:
    Best Rasp Ever!!!! I just did 20 horses and it works like a hot knife cutting through butter!
    Mike G on Aug 14, 2017:
    Just finished doing 100 horses . It's awesome on the foot
    BJ Capper on Aug 5, 2017:
    I love this rasp! I saw this at the farrier supply, and was curious. So I bought one, the medium. It is by far the best rasp I have ever used. It's lightweight, required fewer passes over the hoof with less pressure, and makes work so much easier. It takes getting used to not being able to flip it over, and I do have to keep a regular rasp handy for finishing, but it is well worth it.
    Ken Norman on July 19, 2017:
    Bought a course refill! Awesome man
    Ken Norman on June 24, 2017:
    This sucker is the greatest thing since the nail was invented! I've been using mine since early April. I did clean it out well yesterday with a size 12 nail from the back side. Then gave it a light spray of silicone! Rasps really well!!
    Ken Norman on Jun 22, 2017:
    Been using mine since Meader's Spring clinic daily. Damn good rasp
    Meghan Namaste on Jun 08, 2017:
    To anyone sitting on the fence like I was, buy this rasp! I am a female owner/trimmer and I love trimming except for the toll it takes on my hands and wrists. This rasp is extremely light, very efficient and takes much of the hand and wrist strain out of the equation. It makes the process so much more enjoyable. Awesome product! I will be a lifetime customer now.
    Pat Burton on May 31, 2017:
    The Cody James Dymondback is different than any rasp I've used in my 40+ year shoeing career.
    I picked up a Medium and Fine Dymondback at the American Farriers Association Convention, Farrier Industry Association MarketPlace from Canoga Farrier Supply. There are literally hundreds of new products introduced at the FIA MarketPlace and I'm always skeptical of their claims until I use them for myself. There were no outrageous claims made about the Dymondback, it proved itself the very first day I put it to use on a very muddy March morning when we were trimming Thoroughbred broodmares, with no clogging issues I was sold, and the performance we've experienced since has only made me a bigger fan. The design allows the most ergonomic use of your body while removing hoof material very efficiently.
    I have used the medium on over 250 horses and it is still cutting quite well. The fine I have used on about 75 horses and it is still like new! You will appreciate the efficiency of this rasp on extremely hard feet, removing hoof with minimal effort. The medium cut leaves the foot a bit roughed up but is an excellent prep for casting or gluing on shoes. Its lightweight design may take a few horses to get use to, but it works extremely well one handed and is great for muddy feet as the blade does not clog. You will appreciate it even more when you go back to a regular rasp. It is SHARP and the manufacturer recommends using gloves, so do I, your knuckles will thank you. HoofPros
    Phil Himelrick on May 19, 2017:
    Got 207 horses out mine very easy to use
    Jack Naplan on Apr 26, 2017:
    Undoubtedly the nicest rasp I've used. Love the dimensions and the feel of it. Great tool.
    Barney Traylor on Apr 24, 2017:
    I am not pro trimmer but the best rasp I have ever used
    Thomas Ruth on Apr 22, 2017:
    To all the farrier on here I love this rasp i have over 265 horses on mine and still going strong
    Chance Stirlen on Apr 17, 2017:
    Best rasp ever made! I have only done about 20 horses so far with it. It has made the work so much faster and easier
    Roland Hinojosa on Apr 10, 2017:
    I love the rasp I bought it is well worth the money I've done 30 horses with it and it's still sharp love a good investment for any shoer out there.
    Justin Tom on Apr 05, 2017:
    Just bought one and it's well worth the money! Makes my job a heck of a lot easier!
    Chad Osborne on Mar 31, 2017:
    Alright everyone, I am kicking myself in the but for not trying this rasp last year, I just picked one up the other day, and all I can say is it cuts hoof fast, it's light weight, you can 1 hand if you half too, its definitely a game changer, were talking more horses, or just less wear n tear on your body. I have been useing the 17 inch Save Edge Beast, for the past 7 years, and haven't seen anything better until now. I do lots of Draft horses, and its night and day with this new rasp. They recommend you start with the medium, but I jumped in with the most aggressive cut, and after the first hoof you will have it figured out, light pressure. I have been shoeing for 23 years, this is going to be my new rasp, dont get me wrong you will still need you're regular rasp if your concerned about a smooth finish. Other than that its awsome.
    Caleb Norris on Mar 19, 2017:
    Just trimmed my first horse with this rasp amazing I have been shoeing for 17 years and this is the best rasp I have ever used nothing clogs it up
    Sonny Garguilo on Mar 15, 2017:
    Aa a professional horseman that also trims 14 horses, I will never buy a rasp again
    I have one Cody and have done at least 30 trims already and still sharp
    They aren't a sponsor just a great product!
    Really is what it claims to be!
    Mike Marquis on Mar 11, 2017:
    I just got through using my new Medium Rasp. 3 days of hard use in SW Florida. It never clogged and was much easier to rasp than I originally thought! A must have for farriers in florida that have muddy or dry hard feet! Thanks again!
    Blake Grant on Mar 03, 2017:
    First day with my new dymondback rasp (med). I Absolutely love it! If it only gets half the horses people claim, it is well worth the money.
    Paddy Doyle on Feb 21, 2017:
    I purchased my Dymondback at the Summit . Over 100 head of horses and still going strong. It's the best innovative product I've seen in 32 years of shoeing horses.
    Thomas Ruth on Feb 14, 2017:
    Best rasp I ever had. I will never go back to the old rasp. I figured it out I trimmed 10 horses and shod 5 and I timed myself I got the work done faster. It does not even feel like I used it
    Tommy on Feb 14, 2017:
    I won't switch back. Thanks Cody James tools for putting money back in my pocket great product
    Hothoofin' horseshoeing on Feb 14, 2017:
    Get ready to throw all ur old rasps out!!I chose the medium blade and it works great..today was my first day and I'm totally amazed!!!very little effort to use.very light on ur fingertips!use in any direction. Gave a 4 out of 5 for now!!
    Will get 5 out of 5 if it last as long as it's said to..big thank you cody james tools this guy is great answering ur questions
    Cody Havemann on Feb 13, 2017:
    Bought my rasp about a month ago, I am very pleased with the amount of horses I was able to get done with it. I was able to get 3 weeks with my first rasp. I usually get 30-50 horses done in a week. I am very pleased with this product and am anxiously awaiting the new blade to get here.
    Steve Hubbard on Feb 03, 2017:
    Very effective rasp, I am a standardbred harness horse shoer. Level and angles are must and this rasp makes the leveling so much easier with less motion. Easier on elbows and shoulders.
    Mark Funk on Jan 30, 2017:
    I'm using the diamondback . It's an awesome blade, it stays super sharp even after 70 head...I will never go back to a conventional rasp...new technology making the world a Better place one horse at a time...thank you Cody James tools
    BG Barteld on Jan 18, 2017:
    I'm a 2nd Generation farrier and I've been at it for over 27 years now. My father did it for 30 years before me. After being rear ended and totaling my truck I required surgery on my arm, preventing my ability to continue with the large number of daily horses. This rasp is the only rasp I'm ever going to use again. Allowing a much easier all around experience during the trimming process. If this rasp were around when my father was, he might have been an active farrier beyond his 30 years.
    Sara Allin on Jan 13, 2017:
    I currently have 58 horses on the medium blade. I've not been playing nice with it either. Lots of muddy feet, casting tape removal and even some modifications on composite shoes. Today was the first day I felt like it was slowing down, not by much though, just enough to notice. Still has lots of life left in it. So far I've been beyond impressed
    Al K. on Jan 13, 2017:
    I bought it with the medium blade and I love this thing. It's taken so much of the work out of getting a foot ready
    Mark F on Jan 02, 2017:
    They are awesome ...I'm using one now and plan to order another one
    Tim Shortell on Dec 20, 2016:
    This rasp is a great product. It's wide light weight design makes your foot prep effortless due to the very sharp cutting surface. Just a light amount of pressure as you move your rasp around the foot you'll be amazed at the efficiency of this tool. Less strokes with more hoof removal I wish I had kept track of the amount of horses I've shod with this rasp but I guarantee it's been more than 50 maybe 60 and it still has life in it.
    Thomas Costello on Dec 19, 2016:
    This is the best rasp-blade I have ever used, I wish I could have been using this for years before it is going to save me loads of money by not going through a rasp every other day , didn't take me long to catch on !!!
    Bruce McCuan on Dec 18, 2016:
    The easiest rasp I've ever used to get a horses foot level. Got 112-114 horsrs out of the first rasp I used. Would recommend medium for the first rasp and then you can go to the coarse if you'd like.
    Michael on Dec 17, 2016:
    This is a game changer!! Never clogs with dirt or mud!! Still going strong after 50 + horses