Dymondback Reviews

Ken Norman on Feb 10, 2018:
Spent the day trimming in the snow. Mud and snow ! Goes Like the energizer bunny !
Paula Abbott on Feb 10, 2018:
My husband has used his on all of our race ponies and the pony horse and has not one bad word to say about it! And he's been doing it a long time! Glad we got it. (Anything that makes it easier or quicker).
Ronnie Hall on Feb 09, 2018:
122 behind mine still sharp and going strong
Travis Teague on Feb 08, 2018:
Best rasp I've ever used I've got over 150 horses out of one and it was still taking hoof off. More than half where in Arizona hard dry Hoofs. Others in Oklahoma mud never fazed it. Only bad thing is you need a different rasp to dress the top side of the hoofs
Marty Bowers on Feb 06, 2018:
Used mine for the first time and loved it!! Highly recommend!
Rose Ellsworth on Feb 06, 2018:
Used mine tonight couldn't be happier...only wish my feet didn't get cold so fast would have gotten at least one more done.
Ken Norman on Feb 05, 2018:
A great invention.
Sarah J. Slaughter on Feb 02, 2018:
Hubby got one for Christmas, it's his Favorite rasp now! I don't think he will ever use a regular rasp again...
Jerry Brandon Savage on Jan 31, 2018:
Good product , Best Rasp I've ever used!
R H FARRIER SERVICE Ronnie hall on Jan 27, 2018:
Hands down the best investment in my outfit if you haven't made the step to the diamond back your missing out
Kathy Swanson on Jan 26, 2018:
I love my new rasp!! Thanks so much, Kathy.
Chance Barnes on Jan 22, 2018:
Bought a medium last summer, kept count and used it on 60 head and it's still sharp. It's the only rasp I'll use now!
Jody Hutchison on Jan 21, 2018:
OMG ! I can't even begin to tell you how much I love this file!!!! I have been trimmed my minature horses for years and hate filing! They have never ever worked good for me. But your file is amazing so so easy to use. I most definitely will be buying more of them.
Thank you for the most wonderful file I have ever used!
Lynett on Jan 15, 2018:
Received my new rasp Friday, tried it Saturday, an love it! It's the best rasp I've ever used! I've been trimming my own horses for 40 years, and I wish I'd had it sooner. I'm getting older and weaker as I age, and this makes the job so much easier, (I'm almost 60). Thank you!
Becky Kershaw Gill on Dec 13, 2017:
I love mine. Wish I’d gotten it a long time ago. Word of caution: wear cut resistant gloves. I wear cut 5s. Last night, I rasped over my thumb joint. You know the one. The teeth caught a strand of Kevlar and snagged it! Glad it wasn’t my thumb. Love this rasp. And my gloves.
Kevin Kortz on Nov 27, 2017:
I have used this rasp. Yes it is a killer product. It does not clog it does stay sharp for a long time it is light.
You still have to carry another rasp to finish with. For me that is irritating. But other then that one fact it does work exactly as advertised
Marlys Nehring Derscheid on Nov 29, 2017:
It truly does make the job go quicker. I am not strong enough to use nippers on my horses thick hooves, but this rasp just bites right through and is awesome. I bet it cuts my trimming time in half. I still finsh with a regular rasp. I love it!
Jamie Colder on Nov 20, 2017:
I have been using mine for a month now. Would not want to work without it. Makes my work easier. Stays so sharp. Great product!!
Brad Chase on Nov 18, 2017:
I have over 250 horses done with one rasp an it's still sharp!!! Never will I go back to a standard rasp
Mark Tritch on Nov 15, 2017:
Used my new Cody rasp today for the first time. This rasp is a glider. So much easier to use takes little to no effort to use. P.S used my old rasp to compare also. OMG the Cody rasp is far superior.
Trevor Hall on Nov 15, 2017:
I used one since early this summer, and it has held up daily on the same blade - through a summers worth of hard, dry feet. I've lost count of how many horses I've shod with it, and it's still going great.
Anthony Michelson on Nov 04, 2017:
13 horses first weekend mine came, I loved it! The handle of it feels a lot better than a normal rasp can take off and even cut way faster! Might think you’re gonna take off too much right away but after a couple horses you get the feel for it, hasn’t seemed to dull at all yet so far after about 20 head done with it! For sure gonna keep buying more!
Julie Miller on Oct 29, 2017:
It's an awesome tool!
Georgie Hartman on Sep 25, 2017:
Love this rasp. My horse's hooves are like concrete and it works awesome. I have the medium rasp.
Joe Greer on Sep 17, 2017:
Love this thing!
Glenn Thompson on Sep 09, 2017:
I did over 100 head on my first one then got another. From very soft feet to some so hard I bent the handles on my GE nippers,the rasp worked great. And mud and manure will not stop it.
Erick Nez on Aug 30, 2017:
Best Rasp Ever!!!! I just did 20 horses and it works like a hot knife cutting through butter!
Mike G on Aug 14, 2017:
Just finished doing 100 horses . It's awesome on the foot
BJ Capper on Aug 5, 2017:
I love this rasp! I saw this at the farrier supply, and was curious. So I bought one, the medium. It is by far the best rasp I have ever used. It's lightweight, required fewer passes over the hoof with less pressure, and makes work so much easier. It takes getting used to not being able to flip it over, and I do have to keep a regular rasp handy for finishing, but it is well worth it.
Ken Norman on July 19, 2017:
Bought a course refill! Awesome man
Ken Norman on June 24, 2017:
This sucker is the greatest thing since the nail was invented! I've been using mine since early April. I did clean it out well yesterday with a size 12 nail from the back side. Then gave it a light spray of silicone! Rasps really well!!
Ken Norman on Jun 22, 2017:
Been using mine since Meader's Spring clinic daily. Damn good rasp
Meghan Namaste on Jun 08, 2017:
To anyone sitting on the fence like I was, buy this rasp! I am a female owner/trimmer and I love trimming except for the toll it takes on my hands and wrists. This rasp is extremely light, very efficient and takes much of the hand and wrist strain out of the equation. It makes the process so much more enjoyable. Awesome product! I will be a lifetime customer now.
Pat Burton on May 31, 2017:
The Cody James Dymondback is different than any rasp I've used in my 40+ year shoeing career.
I picked up a Medium and Fine Dymondback at the American Farriers Association Convention, Farrier Industry Association MarketPlace from Canoga Farrier Supply. There are literally hundreds of new products introduced at the FIA MarketPlace and I'm always skeptical of their claims until I use them for myself. There were no outrageous claims made about the Dymondback, it proved itself the very first day I put it to use on a very muddy March morning when we were trimming Thoroughbred broodmares, with no clogging issues I was sold, and the performance we've experienced since has only made me a bigger fan. The design allows the most ergonomic use of your body while removing hoof material very efficiently.
I have used the medium on over 250 horses and it is still cutting quite well. The fine I have used on about 75 horses and it is still like new! You will appreciate the efficiency of this rasp on extremely hard feet, removing hoof with minimal effort. The medium cut leaves the foot a bit roughed up but is an excellent prep for casting or gluing on shoes. Its lightweight design may take a few horses to get use to, but it works extremely well one handed and is great for muddy feet as the blade does not clog. You will appreciate it even more when you go back to a regular rasp. It is SHARP and the manufacturer recommends using gloves, so do I, your knuckles will thank you. HoofPros
Phil Himelrick on May 19, 2017:
Got 207 horses out mine very easy to use
Jack Naplan on Apr 26, 2017:
Undoubtedly the nicest rasp I've used. Love the dimensions and the feel of it. Great tool.
Barney Traylor on Apr 24, 2017:
I am not pro trimmer but the best rasp I have ever used
Thomas Ruth on Apr 22, 2017:
To all the farrier on here I love this rasp i have over 265 horses on mine and still going strong
Chance Stirlen on Apr 17, 2017:
Best rasp ever made! I have only done about 20 horses so far with it. It has made the work so much faster and easier
Roland Hinojosa on Apr 10, 2017:
I love the rasp I bought it is well worth the money I've done 30 horses with it and it's still sharp love a good investment for any shoer out there.
Justin Tom on Apr 05, 2017:
Just bought one and it's well worth the money! Makes my job a heck of a lot easier!
Chad Osborne on Mar 31, 2017:
Alright everyone, I am kicking myself in the but for not trying this rasp last year, I just picked one up the other day, and all I can say is it cuts hoof fast, it's light weight, you can 1 hand if you half too, its definitely a game changer, were talking more horses, or just less wear n tear on your body. I have been useing the 17 inch Save Edge Beast, for the past 7 years, and haven't seen anything better until now. I do lots of Draft horses, and its night and day with this new rasp. They recommend you start with the medium, but I jumped in with the most aggressive cut, and after the first hoof you will have it figured out, light pressure. I have been shoeing for 23 years, this is going to be my new rasp, dont get me wrong you will still need you're regular rasp if your concerned about a smooth finish. Other than that its awsome.
Caleb Norris on Mar 19, 2017:
Just trimmed my first horse with this rasp amazing I have been shoeing for 17 years and this is the best rasp I have ever used nothing clogs it up
Sonny Garguilo on Mar 15, 2017:
Aa a professional horseman that also trims 14 horses, I will never buy a rasp again
I have one Cody and have done at least 30 trims already and still sharp
They aren't a sponsor just a great product!
Really is what it claims to be!
Mike Marquis on Mar 11, 2017:
I just got through using my new Medium Rasp. 3 days of hard use in SW Florida. It never clogged and was much easier to rasp than I originally thought! A must have for farriers in florida that have muddy or dry hard feet! Thanks again!
Blake Grant on Mar 03, 2017:
First day with my new dymondback rasp (med). I Absolutely love it! If it only gets half the horses people claim, it is well worth the money.
Paddy Doyle on Feb 21, 2017:
I purchased my Dymondback at the Summit . Over 100 head of horses and still going strong. It's the best innovative product I've seen in 32 years of shoeing horses.
Thomas Ruth on Feb 14, 2017:
Best rasp I ever had. I will never go back to the old rasp. I figured it out I trimmed 10 horses and shod 5 and I timed myself I got the work done faster. It does not even feel like I used it
Tommy on Feb 14, 2017:
I won't switch back. Thanks Cody James tools for putting money back in my pocket great product
Hothoofin' horseshoeing on Feb 14, 2017:
Get ready to throw all ur old rasps out!!I chose the medium blade and it works great..today was my first day and I'm totally amazed!!!very little effort to use.very light on ur fingertips!use in any direction. Gave a 4 out of 5 for now!!
Will get 5 out of 5 if it last as long as it's said to..big thank you cody james tools this guy is great answering ur questions
Cody Havemann on Feb 13, 2017:
Bought my rasp about a month ago, I am very pleased with the amount of horses I was able to get done with it. I was able to get 3 weeks with my first rasp. I usually get 30-50 horses done in a week. I am very pleased with this product and am anxiously awaiting the new blade to get here.
Steve Hubbard on Feb 03, 2017:
Very effective rasp, I am a standardbred harness horse shoer. Level and angles are must and this rasp makes the leveling so much easier with less motion. Easier on elbows and shoulders.
Mark Funk on Jan 30, 2017:
I'm using the diamondback . It's an awesome blade, it stays super sharp even after 70 head...I will never go back to a conventional rasp...new technology making the world a Better place one horse at a time...thank you Cody James tools
BG Barteld on Jan 18, 2017:
I'm a 2nd Generation farrier and I've been at it for over 27 years now. My father did it for 30 years before me. After being rear ended and totaling my truck I required surgery on my arm, preventing my ability to continue with the large number of daily horses. This rasp is the only rasp I'm ever going to use again. Allowing a much easier all around experience during the trimming process. If this rasp were around when my father was, he might have been an active farrier beyond his 30 years.
Sara Allin on Jan 13, 2017:
I currently have 58 horses on the medium blade. I've not been playing nice with it either. Lots of muddy feet, casting tape removal and even some modifications on composite shoes. Today was the first day I felt like it was slowing down, not by much though, just enough to notice. Still has lots of life left in it. So far I've been beyond impressed
Al K. on Jan 13, 2017:
I bought it with the medium blade and I love this thing. It's taken so much of the work out of getting a foot ready
Mark F on Jan 02, 2017:
They are awesome ...I'm using one now and plan to order another one
Tim Shortell on Dec 20, 2016:
This rasp is a great product. It's wide light weight design makes your foot prep effortless due to the very sharp cutting surface. Just a light amount of pressure as you move your rasp around the foot you'll be amazed at the efficiency of this tool. Less strokes with more hoof removal I wish I had kept track of the amount of horses I've shod with this rasp but I guarantee it's been more than 50 maybe 60 and it still has life in it.
Thomas Costello on Dec 19, 2016:
This is the best rasp-blade I have ever used, I wish I could have been using this for years before it is going to save me loads of money by not going through a rasp every other day , didn't take me long to catch on !!!
Bruce McCuan on Dec 18, 2016:
The easiest rasp I've ever used to get a horses foot level. Got 112-114 horsrs out of the first rasp I used. Would recommend medium for the first rasp and then you can go to the coarse if you'd like.
Michael on Dec 17, 2016:
This is a game changer!! Never clogs with dirt or mud!! Still going strong after 50 + horses