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    Which refill should I choose?

    The three different blades that we have (fine, medium and aggressive) refer to the amount of foot you can take off with one stroke. You'll take the least amount with the fine and the most with the most aggressive. We suggest starting with a fine or medium blade. If you start with the most aggressive, as with the others, just go very light with no downward pressure on the foot, It's more finesse than strength, like polishing a car. All 3 grades are easy to use and control.

    How will the Dymondback and Littlefoot save me money?

    The initial cost will pay for itself with the first batch of horses you do. You will get many more horses out of it than the standard rasp. When it finally wears out, you will just need to replace the refill. You keep the quality stainless steel frame. Because of the longevity, you will save money compared to other types of rasps.

    Does the Dymondback and Littlefoot have a finishing side?

    No, it is one sided. Our rasps are the only rasp you'll need to level the foot but you will need a conventional rasp to finish the clinches and dress the hoof as our finish rasp is not in production yet. Using the Dymondback and Littlefoot will make your finishing rasps last a lot longer because you do not have to rotate them.

    Does it come with the handle?

    No but a standard rasp handle will fit. We also sell handles which are not manufactured by Cody James Tools, at this link - handles

    Do you ship internationally?

    Yes, we ship internationally. At checkout you can choose which carrier you prefer and you'll see the cost of shipping before you need to pay. Please be aware, the shipping costs do not include additional fees your country may charge you upon delivery

    Do I need the optional end cap?

    The end cap is not necessary. It is an option for hand protection.

    Will the Dymondback and Littlefoot stick to a magnet?

    The frame is made of high-grade stainless steel and will not stick to a magnet. Although the blade side, will stick to a magnet.

    How do I clean the Dymondback and Littlefoot?

    If you do not use the Dymondback or Littlefoot on a daily basis we suggest cleaning it with a plastic fingernail type brush going in the direction of the teeth and cover it with a silicone spray or a vegetable oil spray. We are often asked about WD40. WD40 makes a silicone spray which is good. Regular WD40, that people are familiar with, is more for penetrating, It's OK but not as good as silicone which displaces water.

    Should I choose a Dymondback or Littlefoot?

    The Littlefoot is a perfect size for donkeys and ponies. It is designed for one handed use. With smaller animals, most people will hold the hoof with one hand and the rasp with the other. The Littlefoot is light and shorter so it's not clumsy or awkward when usied on smaller animals. With an average size horse, most people hold the hoof between their knees or on a hoof stand, so with the Dymondback, you can get a full, efficient stroke using 2 hands.