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    Cody James Tools are manufactured in the USA. They are engineered to make your job easier and to minimize wear and tear on your body. Each tool is designed to exceed today's demands. The durability and quality of Cody James Tools is our top priority.

    The founder and designer of Cody James Tools, has been a Farrier for over 46 years. Since graduating college and working at New England Equine Clinic, John has shod everything from miniature horses, standardbreds, drafts, thoroughbreds, gaited and champion Trakehners. Upon passing the I.U.J.H. and New York State fire tests in 1982, John has been working on some of the top thoroughbreds horses in the country. He designed the Dymondback because he was tired of how quickly the traditional rasps would dull. He realized how inefficient it was to stop and wire brush a traditional rasp clean because they clogged so easily. The Dymondback solved these problems! They don't clog, they last much longer and you don't have to use as much force. 

    Our stall jacks are a strong, compact tool that has many features. The legs can quickly be removed for space saving convenience.